Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Keeping An Eye Out For Bulls

"Matulis kaya? Check ko nga."

"Naku, na-im ang bull!"

"Swear ko, I only really need one asshole..."

(Photos taken at a local Course de Toro)

Last weekend, the beginning of Aigues Mortes's 10-day-long village festival, mother-in-law Jeanette told me that in the coming week I should never leave the gates to the property open. Keep them closed, she warned, locked even. Why? Bulls are running the streets, was the answer, they might come in and gore me.

And I thought life in Manila was wild.


houseonthebeach said...

how the past just pales in the face of the present. perhaps you should advise jeanette to stow all her reds away for the time being? heehee. keep your posts coming they're hilarious!

houseonthebeach said...

dapat may thoughts din si bull. "patusok nga ng nwet matads, tingnan natin kung soft."

mcsister said...

Apol, hilarious caption and post! Wow, the things you should watch out for in Provence. Can your neigh-bor protect you? Tars, bading ka talaga!

A said...

Ati, hindi ko kaya ang blog mo. Tumatumbling lang ako ever dito. Tarouche mamu.