Monday, September 11, 2006


Totally humdrum this blog entry, no angst, no humor, rien!

I just have to announce--because Cindy had been bitching about failing her driving test three times (despite having successfully managed the roads of three different countries!), Kala was complaining that her driving instructor slapped her on the hand, and there was a time that I'd be going to Tommpouce's blog and all he'd be talking about would be driving lessons--I have to announce that my French driver's permit arrived in the mail last Friday!

Yes, I know, I gloat... I'm actually so happy about this that I'd post a picture of the permit if it weren't such an ugly piece of pink.

Heard that normally it's not easy to get one. You have to go through hours of lessons and pass the exams, while doing that shelling out precious euros that would amount to about a thousand. That's half the price of my secondhand car...

Mine was the painless immigrant's path. It turns out that as long as our first one-year residency card is valid, we Filipinos can exchange our driver's license for a French one. So I went to the Aigues Mortes mayor's office, got the required form and filled it out; had my LTO license translated; had ID photos taken; photocopied my carte de sejour, and then submitted all the stuff back to the mayor's office. (I'm lucky that Aigues Mortes is cool like that; in some places you have to go to the prefecture to do all this.)

So thanks to Kala and Makis for insisting I get off my lazy flat ass to do it, pronto!, and to Analyse for giving me the how-to details. Now, Boots, I know that driving is the last thing on your mind right now, but you have to do this!


tommpouce said...

right, now I'm officially depressed :-|
Anyway :D enjoy it, I'm having my first try in 10 days now. And I'm not quite sure it's going to be the only one.
Good for you though, there's nothing like "the hardest path is more rewarding", not when you're at the mercy of the rain on your bicycle.
And if I manage to get it on the first try, it'll have cost me roughly 1300 euros. LOL.
Cheers anyway :D

Makis said...

Gloat & brag! I had to pay 700€ for procastinating!

haze said...

I took my 1st hands-on driving exam last June and I failed but the school director told me I was next to passing it (during the exam I don't have the right to make even a small error). DECISION yon ang kulang sa kin I always hesitate lalo pa dito sa Marseille.

Therefore, they've advice me to take la conduite accompgnie (normally it's for teenagers di ba) kaya hayan 'til now...I contemplated to pass before the year end...still crossing my fingers!!!

Congratulations Apol buti ka pa!

apol said...

Hey TOMMP, I'm betting it's work-related? That must suck... Go get yourself some lumpia. Food therapy works wonders for me.

MAKIS, thanks again for the push.

HAZE, I drove a couple of times in Marseille and it reminded me of driving in Quiapo. Ulcer-inducing roads!

Ate Katrina said...

Apol, sorry I mised your call. I was on my honeymoon! Anyway, I am glad that you liked me little gift--did you ignite the night with your hubby?

I can relate to your LTO debacle (or lack thereof). Ganyan din dito, I had a valid Pinoy license, and I had it "converted" into a US one by taking an online test. But I have not driven a car in years, though! Kasi wala kaming kotse.

I'll try to call you soon.

ANALYSE said...

another pinay on the loose! felicitations!!!