Sunday, July 01, 2007

Social Creatures

Pierre and I used to think that we were solitary sorts, a rather picky couple who preferred being surrounded only by people we knew very very well. I don't know why we were so deluded.

For Pierre's birthday celebration (a barbecue, what else?) from an original guest list of eight, by the time Saturday came around we were a party of 14. At around two p.m. the doorbell rung. The voice at the other end of the white box announced: "J'ai un recommandé pour Monsieur Massebieau." ("I have registered mail for Mister Massebieau.")

We were both busy attending to the food, so it was great that some of the guests were nice enough to introduce the latecomer around. An example of how it went: "Charlie, I would like you to meet my friend, Isa, and Pierre and Apol's postman."

We really are very friendly, you see. The postier, whom we kept handing beers to but whose name we never did manage to ask, he ended up staying for a good part of the rest of the afternoon.
Mystery guest no. 15


maya bird said...

siya pala ang unregistered (in the guest list) male :)

apol said...

HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!! MAYA you have not lost the touch!

Senor Enrique said...

What a fun life you have in France!

Analyse said...

ain't that cool hehe.

apol said...

Hello, SENOR ENRIQUE! Yeah, it's different from crazy Manila, but fun it is.

ANALYSE, try it one day over there :)