Monday, February 25, 2008

The Girls

Last January Tara organized a nice merienda, invited girls I'd known and connected with during the years working in magazines. Not all of whom I'd wished could have come were there, but those present were all dear to me, and all memorable for unique ways. Mia (on my left) because on the surface she seems a sweet, sweet girl, but look just a little bit deeper and find a woman who knows what she wants, and will get it without losing her sense of humor nor making anybody else lose theirs. Stephanie (on my right) because she lives her life her way; and also because on the day EDSA 3 was raging below she arrived at our girls' swim afternoon on the ninth floor of a high-rise facing the highway and its angry mob unruffled, dressed in pink spaghetti straps, pink shirt, and a straw hat with a pink band. Marie (top right) because for a while we worked together on a TV show, slathered with thick pancake makeup, baked under intense lights, and then while profusely sweating had to sound intelligent and credible. Tara (above me) because she's an eternal dreamer. And Irene (in a yellow shirt) because when I was just dating my husband she was the only one who went ahead and asked: "So yung boyfriend mo French, Apol." A pause and then, "So totoo ba na mabaho sila?" ("So your French boyfriend, Apol. So is it true that they stink?")


The Disparate Housewife said...

Thanks for your message Apol! : )

Andrea P said...

Hi Apol!

Wish was at the merienda too but I wish you were at the discussion of Very Short Stories for Harried Readers and Mga Kuwentong Paspasan. It was quite emotional, and quite satisfying I must say.You might've enjoyed it--even if the discussion was quite heated.

Thanks for the mention here. I am looking forward to the closing of the blog because I know you'll be writing other things we would all love to read.

All my love,
Kick-ass, writer/lawyer :)

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing said...
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marianne said...

a very beautiful group of nice looking and wonderful women.It has been a nice thing to read through this blog and know more about a fellow etsy artist! thanks for stopping by my blog. sometimes I feel I am talking to myself but that is ok too! thanks for letting me know you through this blog and will look forward to your book.. bravo and tres bien.. from an Irish desert woman in Sedona! marianne