Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why I Know I'm Getting Old

I went to a party last Saturday, had three glasses of wine and three glasses of champagne, which back in the sturdier days of my youth would have gotten me quite happily drunk but would not have led to what happened in this, my feeble thirties. Sunday, I was so hung over that I had to spend the entire day in bed, too weak to do anything but whine to my husband that I will never, I repeat, NEVER, drink again. He'd get a break only when he'd have to help me up to go to the bathroom where I'd retch my guts out, eliminating all that wonderfully expensive bubbly as yucky gastric juices. (Sorry for oversharing.) A day later, at another party with friends, traumatised by the weekend, in this country where you go to any supermarket and there would be an entire aisle devoted to wine and another entire one devoted to all sorts of other alcohol, I was Mrs. Scrooge, abstaining save for a teeny little bottle of brown beer.

Happy Holidays to you, too.


Anonymous said...

Have you come across any health-related articles that say women in their thirties feel sicker the morning after a drunken evening than their twentysomething counterparts? I just had the same conversation with a girlfriend earlier today about getting wasted quickly and easily, and then taking an entire day to recover. Also, Pierre isn;t alone in his heroism. Sean has held up my hair many times while I worshipped the porcelain god.

Makis said...

Ganyan talaga pag tumatanda *sighs* Happy Holidays, Apol & Pierre! Pano ba yan, sympre inuman ulit :)

Anonymous said...

Always stick a finger down your throat and force yourself to puke during the party to avoid the next-day hangover. Classy advice from a classy woman.


Leah said...

Drink lots of water. It helps.

Happy Holidays to you too.

Take care and take it easy!

apol said...

Hi, KAT, I will search Google :)

MAKIS, okay. When? Just don't serve champagne, it does funny things to my head! All those bubbles!

KALA, thanks, my Parisian sophisticate.

Hi, LEAH. Salamat.

Katrina said...

Kala and Leah are right. I try to drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol, but that's usually only doable at house parties, not in bars. Then drink more water before sleeping. Another tip that's supposedly good (though haven't tried myself) is to drink Yakult or yogurt drink before going to bed. The live bacteria allegedly helps you avoid gastric upset. As you can see, I'd much rather find ways to avoid getting hung over, rather than avoid the cause of it! ;-)

I had the usual Pinoy holiday season of going out every night with friends/relatives/balikbayans/ officemates. It's already January, but it's not over yet! I'd resigned myself to not getting any sleep and possibly acquiring liver damage by the time the holidays ended, but after several consecutive drunken nights (and hung-over days), my age began to show...I decided to slow down and stick to just a couple of drinks a night. New Year's Eve, of course, was another story altogether!