Monday, April 16, 2007

Lovely Weekend

I find that the best way to recover from an injury is to pretend that it's not there. So off we went to Salvetat, to stay at a house beside the lake. (That's me, limping but up and about!)

We brought along some wine, a bottle of pastis, and food enough to see us through a night and a day spent with really cool people.

I also packed my pearls and a bias-cut skirt. It was Karine's birthday, we were having a party in the evening, and the invitation said to come all sexy and glamorous. Now familiar with the quirky sense of humor of people in these parts, I really should have known better...

Sexy was interpreted by artist Emeline as giant boobs with the perkiest nipples made out of foam and resin for the girls.

And the guys decided that glamourous meant walking around half-naked all night wearing neckties and body hair.

Or maybe the nudity we can attribute to the twenty empty bottles of various types of alcohol we were throwing into the garbage by Sunday's end?


Katrina said...

Decadence, bacchanalia, and nudity! Sounds like my kind of weekend!

decorator said...

laki nga!


apol said...

You wouls have been right at home, KATRINA!

Looking at the photos, naalala kita, GWYN, all made up and glamorous that last Summit Xmas party I attended.

CokskiBlue said...

hi. fun party. :) pinoy Vlogger here. :)

haze said...

Great positive reaction Apol ! ganyan nga wag magmukmok, hala party !!!