Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Etsy Shop Update

During the weekend, I kept getting calls from family and friends on their way to a vacation somewhere, ending up stuck in one of the South's infernal summer traffic jams. (Yep! Another summer indicator aside from bare peripatetic feet!) I felt bad for them, really, I did, but I sure was glad that I chose to stay home quiet, with just my fabric scraps and beads for company.

The result of my own little weekend away in my head somewhere: I just updated my Etsy shop. It's at www.lapomme.etsy.com, or click here to go. Lots of fun products in there, so why not visit? Have a good week ahead, and stay away from the highways if you can.


haze said...

Those are just fantastic Apol ! I wish to have the imagination and creativity too !

Anonymous said...

Apol, super cute. Have you been to uglydolls.com? They have simple, fabric-made-and-freaky dolls. They sell for $20 online, a couple more at trendy boutiques. I think you have a market here in the US. If you want to think about it. ;-)

apol said...

Hey, HAZE! Thanks for the thumbs up.

KAT! How are you? I do want to think about it :) Give me leads if you can, please.

Mik said...

Hi Apol :) Finally got the nerve to leave a comment! Hello, nice to meet you too! :)

Anonymous said...

hey apol! visit my friend's site. needlelovesthread.blogspot.com she makes dolls naman. you might like it.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The Palanca is a great achievement. HANEP!

As for your cute stuff, I suggest trying the retail site that supports uglydolls.com http://www.shopatron.com/on/ and contacting boutique shops like chocolatemoosedc.com (lots of unique, kitschy items there) and paper-source.com (where they sell Ugly Dolls and stock many pretty things from around the world). Have you tried sending your items to editors at Blueprint (Martha Stewart's mag) and New York magazines (they are always looking for items to feature)?

apol said...

Hi, MIK!!! Finally!

Did already, ITSY. Her dolls look good :)

Hey, KAT, will look into these leads ASAP. Thanks!