Tuesday, August 14, 2007

He's a Sweetheart

To celebrate the great news of the last entry, last night my husband took me out to our favorite restaurant. I had the foie gras and the lamb curry. He had the same entrée, but after went for le tournedos de boeuf. Being the very social people that we are, by dessert we were happily chatting away with the couple at the next table.

At a certain point in the conversation, Pierre just had to tell them: "We are here tonight because of my wife," he paused to smile at me. "She just won at the Academy Awards for the Best Writers in the Philippines."

Roll out the red carpet and bring me my Monique Lhuillier gown, mga ate. This guy makes me feel like a star! :)

P.S. Congratulations to the two other people I know who won! Dean Alfar places second in the Short Story for Children in English category, and Jerome Gomez wins second for Short Story in Filipino.


The Disparate Housewife said...

Hahaha I love it! Mag Van Cleef & Arpels ka na rin. Mother they didn't send a book. I'll hit Natio today and get a copy for myself anyway, and tell the girls about it : )

Anonymous said...

Apol, I am not sure if you'll find this funny but when I saw your Good news come in twos heading, I somehow concluded (before reading the entry) that you we're having twins like me! That must be my twins-run-in-the family gene kicking in. LOL!
Just out of curiosity, would your lovey-dovey hubby be as excited if that was the news?

apol said...

Di ba naman, Oscar levels talaga ang excitement niya, IANNE :)

TESS, NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Don't talk like that! I have twins in my family and so does he, so EVERYBODY tells us we might just have twins. Hindi ko yan kakayanin. And am sure Pierre's first thought would be: "Now let's really move back to the Philippines so we can afford yayas."

haze said...

He has all the reasons to be proud ! Ako kaya proud kaya asawa ko sa akin,***thinking like a genius"!