Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I woke up Thursday night to my bedmate making a sound, so loud and so strange that it woke both of us up.

"Was that you?" I trembled in the asking.

"Uhm, yes," he replied--I have to give you a clue now--with a sheepish smile.

Then he burrowed his head back into his pillow and was back asleep soon enough. Not I.

I lay there in the dark, thinking: My tough Camarguais, my real man, the guy I have to admit I married partly because I was tired of having to deal with mere boys, and this one seemed so alpha male, the lion at the head of the pack, in the middle of the night, at REM time (rapid eye movement, not the band), he doesn't growl and neither does he snarl. Instead, he dreams that he is cattle, and moos like a cow.


Anonymous said...

i swear, i snorted the cola i was drinking out of my nostrils. LOOOOOL.

moo, (haha)

Anonymous said...

LOL! So cute. Sean makes guppy kisses.

apol said...

May the MOO be with you, girls. KAT, I can't even access your blog now. I have to be invited daw. So, uhm, invite me?

petite said...


this reminds me of robin williams' ad-libbed quips in 'good will hunting' about his wife's farting antics. to paraphrase williams's character, those antics (his wife farted loudly while sleeping, i think) were what made their moments together unique and memorable.

KaY said...

Omigod! I laughed out loud, literally.

He moo'd? *faints*

apol said...

Gosh, PETITE, I hope Pierre doesn't start blogging any time soon and saying how I fart at night...

KAY, hope you didn't hurt yourself losing consciousness :)

Anonymous said...

O siya, inimbita na kita. Pasensya ka na. May kwento pa ako tungkol diyan, hay naku. Walang tigil ang pag-eeksena!