Monday, October 23, 2006

Goodbye (Sort Of)

Kala snapped by Makis during an alien encounter.

"... Maybe there aren't any differences in the world, only subtle alterations, maybe between smiles and frowns there are no differences, a frown is just a smile upside down..." so said Kala in one of my favorite blog posts ever. Let me second that motion, because I'm currently finding out that it doesn't matter whether you catch it in the Philippines or you catch in France, a flu is still a bitch that gets you feeling too cold that you wrap up in blankets only so that five minutes later you're too hot and sweating beadlets. On the side it gives you headaches, makes your nose run, has you coughing so that your throat is scratchy and you're spitting small globes of viscous green. The subtle alteration to this particular frown is that over here it's not just a matter of every few hours popping a Biogesic. They've given me three different medicines, one white, another pink, the third a sicky sweet syrup thats tastes of corn. And let's not forget the morning's mega dose of vitamin C. Ah, to live in the over-medicated First World... Allow me to interrupt my own too-early whining (eight a.m. and already I'm awake--now this is what I call sick) to say: Goodye, Kala, may Paris give you a life so busy that you won't have any more time left for thinking about undressing turtles and why the chicken crossed the road.

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Anonymous said...

So you caught Pierre's flu? Get well soon! Such a pain in the ass to get sick here - there's not enough sympathy! Sayang, I have a shitload of Decolgen here and I could have given you some tablets (hmm, some tablets? sinister-sounding...)
Thanks for everything. And I'll see you when Pagdadalaga ni Maximo hits the Parisian theatres...
PS. i'll show you my Undressed Turtle painting when it's finished. heh