Wednesday, October 25, 2006


"Sabihin mo sa kanila, sa atin kapag may ubo, baso lang ng tubig ang katapat nun."

Wise kanto-boy words from my sister, who gave the advice while I was whining on voice chat about being made sleepy by all the flu medicine I had to take. So today I'm rebelling. Am taking nothing but the vitamin C, and driving off to Montpellier to do some shopping. Then this afternoon I might make a hat. Hey, I think I'm feeling better already. "Pssst.... Isang baso ng tubig nga diyan!"


Anonymous said...

Sinisipon naman ako, ayan naman, we have the sort-of-sniffles together, across the miles ha!

I agree with your sister. Kaya kagabi lumabas ako to volunteer for the yearly drag queen high heel race. Hindi ako tumakbo ha, crowd control lang.

Kiko said...

Hey.. hope you feel better. Singapore has haze from the bush fires in Indonesia...people were getting coughy for a while. It's getting better though and our kulangots are not as hazy na :) hehehe

Hey, I like the Archive style with the widget thingys. Hawjadudat?

apol said...

KAT, you're always such a riot! I'm sure you had fun.

KIKO, switch to Blogger beta and update your template; the widget thingies come with the update. I heard nga about the hazy kulangots. Am glad to hear things are going back to their normal greenish-brown viscosity.

Leah said...

I feel for you. I'm just recovering from a bad cold that ran 2 weeks. My doctor gave me anibiotics for sinus infection. I hate taking them.

Vitamin C is good and lots and lots of water.

Get well soon!

Leah said...

btw, i'm linking you up, ok?

apol said...

Thanks, LEAH! I'm spending too much time on the computer as a result of this sickness... but, hey, now I'll click over to your blog!