Sunday, October 14, 2007

End of a Weekend

After a weekend away spent finally rock-climbing after too many weeks of being sedentary, and then dancing like a crazy spinning top to celebrate the birthdays of people I appreciate, I drove home this morning accompanied by this roadside view. Yep, girls and guys, I'm having one of those days when I'm thinking that life is just grand.

P.S. To add to my delight, I just found out that my short story "Pedro Diyego's Homecoming" is appearing in the anthology Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 3, edited by Dean and Nikki Alfar. I got published in the second volume, and afterwards swore that I'd send in a piece every time they send out a call for submissions because I think that it's an important publication, injecting a rejuvenating dose of excitement to the Philippine publishing scene. For more details, go to Dean's blog.

P.S. Part 2 Oh! I almost forgot: If you want to see some of my favorite sexy and/or sad stuff on Etsy, please click to look at my treasury called, Love, the different ways of it.


katrina said...

Kudos, ONCE AGAIN, Apol! I admire and respect Dean and Nikki tremendously, so I can imagine how proud you must be!

You're on a roll, baby! :-D

Leah said...

nice crafty store...just like Gina's

Good luck in your ventures (i.e. writing and crafting)

Apol said...

KATRINA, "You're on a roll" is just what they said! Is this an advertising person's favorite phrase kind of thing? Those two have such energy and drive, and put their money where their mouths are plus! Am looking forward to meeting them someday.

Hi, LEAH! Yep, we're two blogging Etsy girls now :)

katrina said...

Hahaha! I'd like to say "great minds think alike," except that I wouldn't put myself in the same league as the multi-awarded Alfar couple! So you haven't met them? They're a very nice, cool, witty pair. Funny, really, that you're doing all these literary things and meeting literary friends AFTER leaving! :-D

Apol, La Pomme said...

Well, yeah, my world in Manila was kind of limited to magazines and showbiz :( ALWAYS wanted to write stories even back then but just never had the energy (nor the confidence, I have to admit). Being here is really liberating; I find that I live in such a creative place! We HAVE to really sit down and talk. Will e-mail you once travel plans are definite.