Friday, October 12, 2007

Visitor Gwyn

Ballgown na lang ang kulang.

Gwyn has been here visiting me for the past five days, and a typical conversation between us goes like this:

GWYN: Ay, ati, kunan mo ako ng picture dito, kita ang ancient walls.

ME: Game, pose ka na. Click!

GWYN: Patingin.

ME: (Looking at the picture) Ay kulang. Next year, pagbalik mo, reshoot natin, dapat naka-ballgown ka. Ihihiram kita, kasi kung magdadala ka from the Philippines, baka ka ma-excess baggage.

GWYN: Ballgown talaga ano, hindi lang dress. At saka dapat hapon, para maganda ang lighting. Ganda ng blue ng sky ninyo eh!

ME: Korek ka dyan. (We continue walking.)

I take it back. It's not just food that I miss from home. I'm also missing silly, funny, only-in-the-Philippines bading humor!

P.S. And just to underline the point, when I started writing this, we were listening to the soundtrack of the stage version of ZsaZsa Zaturnnah.


katrina said...

I would SO miss kabadingan too, if I ever left. In fact, ever since I resigned, I haven't been getting my usual quota of bakla humor. And, after taking up MassComm in UP where most of my friends were gay, then working in advertising for 16 years, my quota is very high! Mabuhay ang mga babaeng bakla!!! ;-)

Apol, you would ADORE the stage version of "ZsaZsa Zaturnnah!" The movie isn't great, except for some parts. But the play is just so hilarious and clever!

Apol said...

Hi, KATRINA. Gwyn and I have so many other fun stories over here, but he'd kill me if I wrote about them :) And yeah, I'm hoping they'll be having a rerun of ZsaZsa when I'm there. This song "Babae na ako" is still running through my head!

Len Lambert said...

Hi Apol, I enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing :-)

mcsister said...

Wow! Saya naman with Gwyn!