Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anniversary P.S.

I love my husband, really, I do, even if sometimes I feel like kicking him for yet another jaw-dropping show of tactlessness, a trait which he seems to have a knack for displaying in front of my girl friends. Two lines I recently heard him saying:

To E: "You look like the fiancée of Popeye! What's her name again? Olive Oyl! Yes, you look like Olive Oyl!"

To K: "You have a Ph.D. from Harvard? But you don't look like it!"

Girls, you've been warned. A thing you also have to know is that he is impervious to smart come-backs; he'll just laugh. So if you ever see him, I suppose the best thing you can do is duck.


mcsister said...

hahahahahaha! Baka naman lost in translation that's why it comes out tactless. Naku, what will he say about me kaya?

That's so funny :)

apol said...

MAYAMAYS, I think that being told you look like Olive Oyl is not a very good thing--in whatever language!

Oh, and he remembers you and your pink apartment and recently when he saw that flickr pic of you with the gumamela in your hair said, "She's pretty!"

tommpouce said...

he's not alone, trust me. There's nothing like seeing the face of a friend turn blank the second you say something (that seemed innocuous a minute ago). But hey, I still don't see what's offensive in your second example, au contraire.

apol said...

TOMMP, read the second example as, "Hey, you don't look smart at all!" But, nah, it wasn't really offensive, more funny, really.

Mariano said...

Joz ko, ang asawa mo talaga. Was supposed to have surprised you by appearing na lang on your doorstep last June (France, Spain and Morocco with Myrna Segismundo) pero nung nalaman ko that I would have to go to the US this October, I decided to smarten up and save my money na lang. Love to Pierre!!!!