Friday, June 22, 2007


When a girl friend of mine procrastinates, she organizes. When I do, I blog. And badly at that. Instead of telling you all about the burning car I saw on what was supposed to be a friendly night out drinking wine and listening to music while Montpellier celebrated the annual FĂȘte de la Musique, I tooled around with flickr and did this:
My daylilies are blooming, even if I planted them just a month ago!
Amazing plants. Clockwise, that would be the second and fourth photos.
The first is an abutilon, the third sauge bleue.


ipsy said...

sheth! these are your month old babies? ang galeng! inggit talaga ako!!! :-D

The Disparate Housewife said...

The abutilon might go for P600 a stem over here from a shop in a depressing mall. I love flowers, but not cut and bouquet-ed ones, how lovely naman for you!

EdiTrixiaGomez said...

Apol, parang 2 months nakong nagpro-procastinate, nanonood na lang ako ng dvd but i can't even stand full-length features. baka depression na tawag dun:) uy nag fete dela musique din ako kagabi, sa malate. but i just stayed at penguin and had a blast with pinikpikan and D Dawn. Sobrang saya! They sang all these '80s new wave, their anthemic hits and ended with 'In the Name of Love.' The Dawn is love.