Monday, June 11, 2007

Why I Think I'm Still in the Philippines #6 (a.ka., I'm so showbiz!)

Can you hear the carabao English?

13. We all know who said, "Long-legged legs" (and if you don't you should go back to whatever other galaxy you came from).

I have a friend who after all these years still has a fondness for copying Ate Vi, in moments of gratitude saying, "It's a blessing from the skies."

Then there's my own personal experience with a sexy starlet I found myself sharing a ride back to Makati with one evening in the late '90s. There was this huge billboard on EDSA from the anti-gun movement, featuring a pistol with the barrel blocked into a knot and the slogan, "Let Buy Guns be Bygones." An obvious play on words that was totally lost on the starlet. "Ah, ganyan pala yung saying," she pointed it out to me.

I moved and thought that I had left the world of linguistic mishaps amongst showbiz idols behind, when weeks ago I began watching Nouvelle Star, and came upon contestant Julien. I think he's the best of the lot and I'm hoping he'll win the prize, however I can't help but chuckle at his rendition (scroll down to find it) of "Strangers in the Night." He is French and you have to know that the French thinks their language is the best, but this boy takes it to the extreme, applying the rules governing le fran├žais even when speaking another tongue. He decided to omit the final "s" in "strangers."

There he was going, "Stranger in the night, exchanging glances, we are stranger in the night," transforming the popular standard into a schizoprenic's personal love song. In the middle of the performance, letting it all out, he decided to make things even creepier. "Stranger than the night," he mangled it on national TV. I don't think anyone else in this non-English speaking country noticed, but tell Ate Vi that I have found her spiritual son.

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houseonthebeach said...

wahahahahahaha! pero tama naman, we ARE stranger in the night! local showbiz is buzzing big time nowadays, with ruffa and greta really getting it in the limelight. even jack jack, seemingly above all this, can't help but dive in and offer strong opinions on the latest cheese.

apol said...

Naku naman, Tara, now you're making me want to go see The Buzz on Youtube again!

mcsister said...

Hahahah! Somehow, I like hearing the chismis but I couldn't stand the Sunday showbiz shows on TV.

I prefer reading about it in YES :)

Pinay in Barnsley said...


I got here thru a favourite blog- Kala's- and lingered a bit as I found myself laughing out loud with the first 3 posts I read.

I decided to leave a comment after this particular post. "Stranger in the night..." What a scream..I find it endearing tho' in a twisted way.

No, I've never heard of 'long legged legs', another classic to add on my treasure trove.

I'm feeling rather generous this morning so I'll share one I read recently..."Damaged you do, damaged you don't". A pearl of wisdom imparted by the same person who uttered the long-legged legs if I were to guess.

I'll certainly be back for more!

apol said...

Hey, MAYS, Yes! is available in Sing? Galing naman ni Alma Madelo :)

Hi, PINAY IN B! Glad you're enjoying yourself :) My mom always said I should have gotten a job as some kind of Ai-ai de las Alas back home. "Long-legged" is the divine Miss Melanie Marquez. Who said "Damaged"?